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Published: 08 December 2019

Last week end I decided to clear out my underwear draw you may think how boring but every pair had a story to tell, so many colours and styles. I then thought you might be interested in the history of the humble knickers

Knickers the correct terminology for a womens undergarments, the undergarment which is not a bra.

Happy Thanksgiving

Published: 02 December 2019

The history of the Thanksgiving turkey is a bit of a mystery, nobody knows exactly how this particular bird earned a place of honor at the table each November but historians have a few different theories and you guys may have some ideas of your own too.

Dance the night away

Published: 24 November 2019

There are 47,891 Dance Studios businesses in the US as of 2019.

Ancient Greeks and Romans annually celebrated their wine gods Dionysus and Bacchus with several days long festivities filled with alcohol, song and dance

Belle of the Ball

Published: 17 November 2019

Hi there my lovely fans, it will soon be time to get out your shiny Baubles give them a quick polish and hang them somewhere (the Christmas tree). I know it is a bit early but people are already buying cards etc.

A new addition to my Boudoir

Published: 11 November 2019

I love dressing tables you are welcome to come and look at mine. A ladies room is never complete without a dressing table - the obsession to look good makes them inevitable. Apart from adding aesthetics to your room, it also ensures that I look good as I step out of my home.

Ashley Shye as sweet as Pumpkin Pie

Published: 03 November 2019

Hi Trick and treaters hope you enjoyed Halloween, hope you did not over indulge in the Pumpkin Pie. Pumpkin pie is very popular in the United States and Canada.  In other parts of the world it is rarely served…

Halloween Celebration time

Published: 27 October 2019

Halloween a celebration where little kids dress up and get candy, teens dress up, get drunk, and go get candy, and adults dress up, get drunk, and give out candy, funny how things all work out

Burlesque I love it

Published: 20 October 2019

I love Burlesque the colours the costumes the sexiness of it all I am so glad it has become popular and Cher was great in the film i might watch it again anyone want to join me.

Get it While you can

Published: 13 October 2019

Hi Fans hope it’s not cold or too hot wherever you may be in this country of ours. I decided to buy a new coat for the cold weather coming.

Boudoir Photography its all in the lighting

Published: 06 October 2019

Hi my lovely friends . Hope you are all well its so good that my loyal friends are still with me I thank you so much. Boudoir photography encompasses a range of styles and moods…

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