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Always up for it

Published: 21 September 2020

Hope you ravers are keeping safe and enjoying a bit of freedom. I am always up for it and love all sorts of fun, I hope you will come and have some fun with me one day you will not be disappointed.

Blow Jobs or bananas

Published: 14 September 2020

Most of my sex life, I have wondered why men like blow jobs so much. It can be a subject of great contention for some women.

The Perfect Combination

Published: 07 September 2020

Hi my lovely friends. I love lipstick but there are many many people who do not, I have lots of friends who love a good old kiss especially in certain area of their bodies. I love Red Lipstick and Red shoes.

Glitzy Ritzy

Published: 30 August 2020

Hi all my friends hope you are ok thought you might like a bit of Ritzy.

The Ritz Carlton Los Angeles made me remember when a close friend of mine invited me to a function at the hotel. I wanted to look Ritzy and Sexy but elegant at the same time.

Girls versus Boys

Published: 24 August 2020

Hi All hope you are well I know you boys have lots of fun on your boys night out but us girlies have a good time too. I love my male friends and like to see them but I love a good girlies night out.

Summer Loving

Published: 17 August 2020

Hot summer sun, less clothing, and more sex. While some argue that summer sex is the absolute worst, I find most of my friends say that sex during the summer months was actually their favorite. I’m pretty partial to it, myself.

Color Reveals your sexual personality

Published: 11 August 2020

I often try to guess my male friends favorite colors although I am not always right I come pretty close and while you may insist, that you don’t have a favorite color, the color that is predominant for you is the one that appears in your closet and living room most frequently.

Red Light District

Published: 03 August 2020

HI people hope all is well with you. Nice to see you again.

My friend (I do have them) visited Germany Antwerp to be exact. I was invited but did not fancy travelling at the moment. She stayed in a beautiful Olde worldly Hotel called The Pearl and Diamond hotel.

Facial Hair

Published: 28 July 2020

Hi hairy and none hairy friends hope you are all well and safe. This isolation thing is causing a lot of facial hair bodily ones too.

Trashy or Classy

Published: 20 July 2020

Hi Peeps hope you are all staying safe. Miss you all.

Now the weather is hot hot hot. And that is how I feel too, in different ways you will have to pay me a visit to find out!!

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