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Sexual feeling

Published: 22 September 2019

Hi there my lovelies hope all is well with you today. I woke up this morning feeling sexy and full of joy the sun is shining and I feel so happy. I want to go out today and turn some heads its a nice feeling to be admired as you sashay down the street.

Smile with your eyes

Published: 15 September 2019

Finding a date isn’t easy for many people. Sure, you Imagine if you’re some kind of introvert, or CHUD, or a shut-in of an Internet comedy writer … are you supposed to join online forums and talk about your love of animals and bug collecting until the one day someone who bathes regularly and doesn’t have night terrors about “the institute” signs up and says hello to you?

Sin and Tonics

Published: 08 September 2019

Hi sinners and winners hope your weekend went well, still the weather is hot and plenty of reasons to get down and dirty so let’s get on with it.

The allure of the female legs

Published: 01 September 2019

Researchers have spent far less time studying men’s attraction to women’s legs than the typical man on the street devotes to gazing at them and maybe finding himself spellbound by them. To heterosexual males at least, what’s so special about female gams?

Fingers and Toes

Published: 25 August 2019

Getting my nails can seem frivolous: It requires extra cash and time and, in pop culture, has a bit of a ditzy reputation (think: Elle Woods, bend-and-snapping in the Legally Blonde salon). Last summer : A New York Times exposé on New York City stated nail salons were booming

1940’s Glamour

Published: 18 August 2019

Hi Guys we all have different ideas about sexy underwear and the colours they should be but my favourite time for under wear was the glamorous 1940’s the Hollywood stars knew all about glamour and lets face it we all like a bit of glamour.

Feeling Sexy

Published: 11 August 2019

Sexy: An adjective to describe a person you think is really attractive and want to have a physical relationship with but it mostly depends on perspective. Someone may think a person is sexy while the person next to them totally disagrees. A person that is pleasing to the eyes and is appealing.

Sweet Seduction

Published: 04 August 2019

I love everything about seduction. If you rush things, you can miss the best part. Seduction is all about savouring. This morning I was inspired by a friend of mine who was talking about seduction. I have to say it is interesting that we associate seduction with sex, when in fact, true seduction is the opposite of sex

Tuxedo Club

Published: 28 July 2019

Hi Guys as I mentioned in my last blog the Tuxedo Club, I thought a bit of history about the Tux I find the look very sexy and it gets my heart fluttering when I see a man in a Tuxedo. (Thats not all that flutters)


Published: 21 July 2019

Hi all you blog lovers. I was reminiscing the other day about my first Ball (Black tie) I was invited to. Here we go, although I was excited I was going to be stressed you know what I mean, The dress the shoes don’t forget bag and jewellery.

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