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1940’s Glamour


1940’s Glamour

Hi Guys we all have different ideas about sexy underwear and the colours they should be but my favourite time for under wear was the glamorous 1940’s the Hollywood stars knew all about glamour and lets face it we all like a bit of glamour.

When people think of lingerie in the 1940s, what usually comes to mind are the glamorous, curvy, satin and lace pin-up girls whose pictures filled the magazines popular with lonely soldiers overseas. Beautiful women posed provocatively in corsets, nightgowns and swimsuits with a look that remains iconic today.

Half of all women in the 1940s wore a one piece brassiere with a girdle over panties. It was simple, affordable and most of all comfortable to wear. The Corset Brassiere Association of American reported in 1948 that a typical woman owned three undergarments, five bandeau and three long line bras. This was about half of what the Association suggested women own which was 5 hip (girdle) and 10 bust garments (bras). They figured women needed different combinations and styles of garments for 1. office or home wear, 2. sportswear and 3. evening wear.

Here is how 1940s women dressed:
1. Brassiere
2. Panties*
3. Stockings- put on before girdles and all-in-ones, but clip stockings into place after.
4. Girdle, panty girdle, or All- In one
5. Garter, if separate than above
6. Slips and petticoats

  • In many cases a detached garter was put on before the panties. These kept them in place. In fashion ads, the garter was worn outside the panties. Most men love stockings but thats a different story!!

Today I will just wear underwear and a crown. Lingerie is not all about seducing men its about embracing woman hood.

Ashley always glamorous xxx

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