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Stud or Hunk?

Published: 07 June 2021

Hi guys and Gals hope your life is getting better and better if not pay me a visit see how I can make it better (I have ideas). Variety is the spice of life so they say and I think that is true, we do not want to live a Ground Hog day after day so lets get down and dirty!!

Fur Balls

Published: 31 May 2021

Hi Guys and Gals this is an advert/article I found sounds like fun if you like this sort of thing which apparently people do. It is in USA right now. Spring brings the birds and bees and a surprise almost too hot to bear!  The uncaged, unleashed Wild Things party is back.  A special group of furries are out to have some fun.

Toga Toga

Published: 23 May 2021

Hi everyone all is well for the moment I thought you might like to hear about the Toga party I was invited to. It was great fun.

What is sex furniture?

Published: 16 May 2021

As someone who has a friend who makes smart vibrators for a living, I learned about all sorts of products that exist to enhance our sexual pleasure. Sex furniture is an amazing way to do just that — and they come in all shapes, sizes for whether you live in a studio apartment or a McMansion. She also sells sex furniture come visit and check it out.

Sharing is caring

Published: 11 May 2021

When a group of three people join together for sexual pleasure. Having your cake and eating it too, then watching your cake eat another cake. When it comes to sex, some people think two’s company, three’s a crowd. Others would revise that to say three’s an experience so incredible!!


Published: 26 April 2021

My mother said when I was a teenager (those were the days) beware of the Casanova I liked the sound of the word but I was never sure what it meant I do not think my Mother did either. As life went on I met a few Gentlemen who I definitely thought fitted the description.

Curvy bits

Published: 18 April 2021

Hi I hope things are rolling along as best as it can be!! Looking forward to anything at the moment especially meeting with my friends (you know who you are).

Being curvy is not being fat. Fat just refers to an oversize body Curvy refers to the shape or feminine curves of the woman’s body when it looks attractive regardless of the size of the body. Some men prefer a plumper lady there is a word for that a chubby chaser, that is a different story.


Published: 17 April 2021

Hi Guys and Girls hope you are all surviving the storm!! I read this today and found it interesting as I am. Fan of Burlesque. Hope you enjoy it. You can watch her documentary on you tube.

Easter Fun

Published: 12 April 2021

Hi all you Easter egg eaters been stuffing your face with chocolate no doubt licking your lips at the thoughts of naughty but nice things you can do with chocolate, we can discuss possibilities when we meet again, I hope it is soon!!

Happy Easter

Published: 05 April 2021

May I just wish everyone a happy Easter holiday.

Stay safe and well

Ashley x

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