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Teddy Bears

Published: March 26th, 2023

To all you bear not bare lovers how could you not love a teddy bear. I have a few teddy bear lovers visit me from time to time.   I had a client called Rob. and he loved teddy bears (he liked being bare) don’t ask I will tell you anyway   He (we will call him Rob) started showing me pictures of all these teddy bears. The photos of the Teddy Bears were really cute. I just found it bizarre that all of his wallet photos were of teddy bears. One…

Strip Poker

Published: March 20th, 2023

Hi card players and strippers hope all is well and if the weather does not get hot until round about May so not to much stripping until then.   There is no certainty about where and when the game of Strip Poker originated, some believe it was first played in Brothels of New Orleans in the 19th century. The "mixed strip poker", where both male and female players are present, originated in England during the Great Depression as a form of erotic entertainment.…

Silk and Feathers go well together

Published: March 12th, 2023

Hi you ravers are you bath robe wearers or dressing gown wearers are just walk around in the nude drying off in front of your fan or like a friend of mine the hair dryer (all of the body hair or just on the head)!!?? By the later 1800s, leading into the 20th century, the dressing gown started being seen, not only as a necessary evil, but also as a fashion accessory. This was partially spurred on by popular culture such as art, literature, and increasingly…

Men love adventure

Published: March 5th, 2023

Hi Guys hope you are feeling adventurous if so come along for some fun and games. When I am in a playful mood I sense the need for another kind of variety, there is nothing like a good old erotic game or sex toy. The Japanese have been playing with sex toys for centuries and have developed the art of erotic gamesmanship to a high degree. A geisha girl main purpose in life was to pleasure a man in the most elegant and ingenious way possible, So her…

Soft porn can be fun

Published: February 26th, 2023

Guys we all like a bit of porn to some its an obsession others its light entertainment also a helps sometimes with difficulty getting a hard on. Imported erotic novels made their way to the United States in 1780 where they were advertised for sale in New York and Massachusetts newspapers. Commercial pornography designed purely for titillation flourished in the nineteenth century. As printing costs continued to fall, pornographic material was progressively…

It’s all about Stockings

Published: February 19th, 2023

The reason stockings are so sought after and loved is because they are just plain sexy. They have a special kind of allure to them and are so tactile. Some of my friends (Male) go insane when they see me in a pair because they are so sensuous. We that is Women and men love the feel of a stocking. There is nothing better for me then to rub my legs together under my skirt and feel how silky and sexy my legs feel. See they even turn me on. During the…

A mirror can be fun

Published: February 12th, 2023

Mirror Mirror on the wall what is the hottest sex of all some say its a mirror we call it dinner and a show. Only the most dedicated hedonists go through the trouble of putting a mirror on the ceiling but it does seem rather appealing but not if you live in an earthquake country, how about my free standing mirror or I have one on the back of the bathroom door and can be angled in a way that you and I can watch ourselves play. A lot of my clients get…

Rubber Snakes

Published: February 5th, 2023

Hi slaves so we all remember our compendium of games when we were young? I never thought I would use them again (I was wrong). here are many sex games that we can play but this particular friend of mine he had a thing about Snakes and ladders (an English game) he was English, but i am not talking about trouser snakes!!! the game which is usually part of the compendium of games he was rather into tiddlywinks but that is another story!! I was to wear…

Cold or Flu, Doggy Style for You

Published: January 29th, 2023

HI Horny friends it is the season for Colds and Flu a snotty nose is not fun or sexy but that does not mean you cannot indulge in a bit of the other (if you feel like it)!! I like the idea of the hot toddy. Probably the last thing you feel like doing when you're nursing a cold or the flu is getting hot and bothered. But here's a reason to reconsider: People who have sex one to two times a week actually produce more of the antibody that prevents illnesses,…

Its all about the boots

Published: January 22nd, 2023

A style of boots worn by women. The boots are tall (either just below the knee or thigh high), made from leather, latex or other shiny material, and have pointy toes and stiletto high heels (usually 5"). Black is the colour of choice and the boots should tightly encase the woman's thighs and calves. The term "fuck me" comes from the impression that women who wear fuck me boots want to have sex and use the boots to attract potential partners, although…

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